10 Celebrity Scandals that Rocked Our World

Nicki Minaj Accuses Cardi B

Celebrities are role models for most of us, especially for young gurls. However, with fame also comes celebrity scandals. Time and again, we hear about our favorite celebrities getting caught in controversial situations—extramarital relationships, drunk driving or being arrested for shoplifting. Sometimes celebrity scandals even involve tragically being accused of crimes as heinous as sexual assault. Here, we list some of our favorite stars who grabbed the headlines in recent years for all the wrong reasons.

Asia Argento Accused of Sexual Assault

After accusing Harvey Weinstein of raping her, Asia Argento had to answer the charges of Jimmy Bennett, a second-rate actor. The 22-year-old actor accused the actress of abusing him in 2013 when he was a minor. At the time, Jimmy Bennett had not filed a complaint but had agreed to an amicable arrangement with Anthony Bourdain, Asia Argento’s companion. When the latter died, Asia Argento refused to continue paying Jimmy Bennett. The actor, therefore, filed a complaint with the Los Angeles police.

Demi Lovato Suffers Fatal Overdose


On 24th July, 2018, Demi Lovato was hospitalized due to a drug overdose. She is fighting with an eating disorder, mental illness, and addiction for several years. In 2010, she also went to the rehab center where she was treated for bipolar disorder, addiction and self-harm conditions. She also quoted, ‘I Will keep fighting’, when the news of her hospitalization broke out. It is learned that she is trying very hard to get rid of her addictions. We wish her good luck!

Bill Cosby Convicted of Sexual Assault

Who knew that the famous comedian can also get convicted? Bill Cosby, now 82 years, and a beloved comedian has been accused of sexual assault. He was sentenced for 3 to 10 years of state prison. His bail was denied and he was fined with $25,000. He has been convicted for sexual assault and drugging of Andrea Constand. In the year 2004, she came to his house to ask for career advice and it was then that the assault apparently took place. After her allegations, a lot of women found the courage to come forward to talk about the assault they suffered at his hands.

Roseanne Barr Makes Racist Remark

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Roseanne Barr’s sitcom “Roseanne” returned in March 2018 after two decades to massive ratings on channel ABC. But then came the actress’ unforgivable comments on Twitter. She attacked Valerie Jarett, an African-American woman who was a senior advisor to Barack Obama, claiming she was the “offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes”. ABC took no time to cancel the series and stated that Roseanne’s tweet was “obnoxious, disgusting, and inconsistent with our values.” She later apologized, but it was too late.

Kayne West Refers to Slavery as a Choice

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Kayne is a famous singer who got into the news by supporting President Donald Trump. During the TMZ Live interview, he said that slavery is like a choice. Later on, Husband of Kim   Kardashian also apologized for Kayne’s remark. People still debated about his mental conditions and he revealed that he was suffering from bipolar diagnosis. Later on, he said that it was just a misdiagnosis. He also said that most of the people are mentally enslaved when he tried to justify his earlier comment. He also  added, ‘And I’m sorry for people who felt let down by that moment, and also I appreciate you guys giving me the opportunity to talk to you about the way I was thinking and what I was going through and what led me to that.’

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Meet at Fashion Week

In the middle of an event in September 2018, which was a part of the Fashion Week in New York, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into an altercation, and even the heels flew around the premises. Cardi B ended up with a bump on her head and of course, was left barefoot. The rapper of Dominican origin later accused Minaj of supposedly giving ‘like’ comments to posts that criticized her abilities as a mother. She also accused her of trying to ruin her career, because Nicki had allegedly threatened other singers that if they recorded with Cardi, she would never work with them. Now that’s what we call a piece of news.

Allison Mack Pleads Guilty 

In April 2018, charges of sex trafficking against Allison Mack shocked the world. The “Smallville” actress was arrested for her involvement in the NXIVM organization. She was accused of recruiting women in the organization and forcing them to have sex with Keith Raniere, the founder of the organization. Allison Mack pleaded not guilty.

Dustin Hoffman Accused of Sexual Assault

After Harvey Weinstein case and the appearance of the #metoo movement, a lot of stories of sexual harassment were dug out of the past. One of these goes against Dustin Hoffman. Allegedly, he had behaved inappropriately with women in the past. The case would have gone under the rug, as many Hollywood actors have had to face such accusations. But in the case of Dustin Hoffman, the actor’s aggressive reaction saying he is “presumed innocent” and cannot be held guilty “until proven guilty” brought him in limelight. Following the storming of #metoo targeting the actor, the media quickly seized the case.

Donald Trump Get Caught in a Storm

Accusations and scandals are nothing new to the current president of the US, Donald Trump. The current one came from porn star Stormy Daniels. She said she signed a confidentiality agreement with the 45th President of the United States just before the election. This porn star claims that she had sex with Donald Trump and that he threatened her and her daughter and forced her to sign these confidentiality documents.

Daniela Castro Arrested for Theft

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It was a story that caused a lot of controversy because of the different versions that circulated. Daniela Castro was arrested on September 28, 218 in San Antonio, Texas, accused of trying to steal seven pieces of clothing at a departmental store. She said that she was being framed and denied any wrong doing. The Mexican actress was later acquitted. Days later, she called a press conference and described this incident as “the most difficult experience of my life” and her lawyers revealed that she intended to sue the store.

Turns Out, Celebrities Are Just Like Us

It is difficult to be a celebrity and not get mired up in a controversy every now and then. We hold our favorite celebrities in high esteem and consider them our role-models, it is but natural to feel betrayed when we hear about scandals they are involved in. However, we should not forget that at the end of the day, they are humans like us and it is important to keep our expectations right.