20 Quirky First Date Ideas That Will Surely Get His Attention

Planning a date nowadays can be very tricky. We live in an age where attentions are fleeting and the competition is cut throat. Just imagine you finally get hooked up on a date with that cute guy you’ve been stocking on Insta, through some common friends; the last thing you would want to end up happening is for the first date to be boring. Right?

Here are 20 absurd date ideas to make a great first impression, and leave him wanting more.

Take Him For A Date To A Paintball Park

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Be a little adventurous and playful with your new date and try go paintballing together. A superb way to add some colorful fun to your first date. We all know nothing can get one’s adrenaline rushing like a competitive sport. So adorn those suits, get your guns loaded and shoot some fun with your partner. Show you are special and avoid those usual one-on-one dates where people get to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee. Paintballing is an excellent way to show your child-like and carefree side to your date.


Go For A Walk Through A Cemetery Together

So maybe not the best date idea for the faint-hearted. But taking a slow romantic walk while holding hands, in the moonlight drenched night and reading the tombstones can make for an absurd and exciting date night. It’s sure to infuse romance as you see husbands and wives buried together, with reading sweet something’s written for them by their loved ones.


Add Some Real Drama To The Date By Going For A Play


With all the hours of screen time we indulge in via television and the laptop, some real-time drama put up by some real artists is sure to bring a breeze of freshness to any date. You may also want to consider going to an outdoor theater to enjoy a more laid-back form of characteristic  theatrical performances. Just go ahead and book two tickets and see some live performances. Just make sure you check with him about his preferences of the genre.

Go For A Rock Climbing Session With Your Partner

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If your partner and you both are adrenaline junkies this is a great idea to explore. If the city you stay in doesn’t have any natural habitat to explore for real rock climbing, then just plan for one of the many places that have an artificial set up of the same. There are bound to be some good places with proper climbing equipment and high-quality artificial rock climbing walls that you can scale. maybe if you and he have a good time you could even plan a trip together to explore the real terrain.

Watch The Sunrise Together By Planning An Early Morning Walking Date


It is quite rare that young people are up early enough to experience the beauty of a sunrise. But they just don’t know what are they missing out on. Each city has those quiet spots that are secretly tucked away, where the sun looks like a painting when it rises. Plan to take your date for an early morning walk to share that moment together. That magical time between night and the day, when the sun is filling the sky can make for some cherished moments together.

Challenging Each Other Over Some Board Games At A Coffee Shop

Who does not love board games? They bring your competitive side out. These games are easy to find, can be played practically anywhere and are superbly entertaining. An evening with some board games and caffeine at your favorite coffee shop makes for the perfect brew for a cute date. Whether you win or lose, it is sure to push him to make the next move.

Infuse Some Thrill Into Your Date By Going To An Adventure Park Together

To make your first date full of thrill, excitement and even to relive your childhood, but with your sweetheart around this time, plan for a trip to the nearest adventure park. This trip is surely going to make your hearts beat faster. From swinging between trees to cross wobbly bridges and much more, the excitement just won’t stop. Just plan a day with him to an adventure park and enjoy the rides together. An excellent chance to come closer too!

Indulge In Some Street Food Instead Of A Fancy Restaurant


You don’t always need your date to be meticulously planned for it to turn out a success. Most young gentry is foody and spending even a little time sharing a quick grilled sandwich or cheese quesadilla feels fulfilling and divine. No, not all dates have to be about wine and cheese; step away from a fancy restaurant and explore some street food with your man. Walk from one shack to the other and indulge your taste buds into your favorite street food with him.

Plan For A Date Under The Stars, With A Night-time Picnic In The Park


A small lake side setting, a beautiful view, a boat ride under the moon and the stars and your sweetheart! Sounds right out of a Hollywood movie? Leave the hustle-bustle of the busy city behind, and spend a starry night together enjoying the smaller things. Go back to simpler times and just plan a picnic in the park under the starry sky. Pack a basket of goodies and relax on the grass, and talk about sweet nothings to each other.

Go To A Gay Bar Together For An Evening Of Drinks

Now, this is your chance to show that you are offbeat and no way a run-of-the-mill girl. Make this guy believe that he is blessed to get a girl like you out for date. Choosing to have a few drinks together at a gay bar can make for an exciting date. To see other guys have conversation with your man and look at you curiously makes for a fun time together. (A secret tip no body will tell you – guys love daring girls!)

Explore Your City Together With Your Date Over A City Tour

Do you know more often that not tourists to a city see more of the places than a resident of that city? Use this chance to explore your own city. Become a tourist in your own city with him, by going for a tour. Visit the city’s historic places and take in its heritage while holding his hand. If he is a history buff he is sure to add his two bits to the date.

Adventure Freaks Can Rent A Cycle And Bike Around The City Together


We all hear about saving our earth and doing our bit to save environment all the time. Why not make it an environment-friendly date too? Turn into cycling buddies together. Just rent some bikes, chalk out a tour, check on the weather forecast and cycle around the town. It’s a great way to burn some calories, save up on fuel and, at the same time, getting to know each other.


Take A Train Ride Together Around Town

Another excellent idea for your first date out is going around in a train. Most cities have a train or a subway network that is adorned with art exhibits which spread over the city network. Get hold of a map and plan to see the art works around the subway systems together, the train ride will give you ample time to talk and know each other.

Make A Date Out Of Baking Together

There is a proverb that goes like this – the way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach. Why not find out how true it is? An absurd but fun idea is to plan a bake with your partner. Bake a cake or some yum muffins with him. Even if the cake burns, the mess you make together will surely bring you closer.

Pull Out Your Favorite Books And Read Your Favorite Parts Out Loud

The books we read and love speak volumes about our dreams, our thoughts and us as people. It can be very romantic to read and talk about your favorite books sitting on a couch, while a soft romantic music playing in the background. Sharing your favorite books over coffee or a beer will help you connect and know him better.

Create Some Art Together


Another offbeat first date idea will be to do some art work together. Painting can be both fun and messy. Let your creative juices flow by going for a painting or pottery class together. It is sure to get you close to him and leave you with an art piece to remember him with.

Never Have I Ever’ Makes For A Fun Date Time Game

Yes, we know you have played it a million times before, but it can be even more exciting when played with your date. It is sure to make him spill some beans about himself and for you to know crazy, fun and mischievous things from his past. Go ahead and try this brilliant game on your first date with him.

  Go To An Offbeat Museum Together To Explore The Arts

Visiting a museum you have never been to before on your first date can be exciting. You get to learn many new and awesome things and you get a chance to talk to your sweetheart about them. Find out about novelty offbeat museums and plan for an unusual experience with him. Even if the artworks are absurd and weird, they are sure to leave you laughing.

  Plan A No Device, San Technology Date


To show that your truly care for people you love, it would be wise to just be with him and disconnect from everything else including your dearer-than-life gadgets and your mobile phone. Just disconnect from everything else and connect with your partner. Plan a date with no phones, television or laptops. The undivided attention you give each other is bound to make for an interesting time.

Attend A Live Music Event Together

Attending a live music show on your first date holding hands together can prove to be very exciting and romantic. Undoubtedly, the perfect date idea for music lovers is to hear some live music together. The passion of the singers will touch your hearts and be a lovely way to spend time together.

Just blindly pick one of these 20 absurd ideas to spice up your dating life and stay miles away from boredom.