7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Actually An Alien


Many people believe that aliens are visiting here on earth and some claim to have spotted aircraft that looks pretty close to what a spaceship would look like. There are also many girls that could be forgiven for thinking that their boyfriend has stepped out of a science-fiction novel. That’s because they just don’t act normally.

He may have been kind, amusing or creative at first, but after just 2 weeks he’s picking his nose, he’s arrogant and loutish. He’s turned into an alien. No-one really knows what an alien looks like and how one behaves, but we certainly have our own ideas about them.  Big heads, bulging eyes – it may even be that some of these extraterrestrial creatures have a few human features.

We look at the signs your boyfriend is actually an alien –

Disappearing Trick

disappearing trick

You are in so much love with him and want to be constantly with him. However, he, on the other hand, disappears for days at a time, giving you no warning of where he is headed. Sometimes even when you are with him on a date, he will say ‘be back now, just gotta check on something’, and then he never returns. When you ask him later about where he was, he feigns complete ignorance or looks at you as though he does not know what you are on about.

The Mother Ships Gets His Attention

Couples in love can talk to each other for hours and hours, without ever feeling, that’s enough. From most insignificant events to most important happenings, you want to share each and every detail with your beloved. If you have saved up some really thrilling stories to tell your boyfriend on your date night, you can not believe that he looks at you with interest for a bit and stares off into the distance and you get the feeling that he is communicating with the Mother Ship.

He’s Actually a Loner


In fact, your boyfriend might be reluctant to go out with you. He certainly does not seem to bother if you are not able to go out with him. You would like him to ask you what you will be doing, but he does not.  He loves being alone, listening to the news, collecting data and writing reports. If these are his typical behaviors, there are many chances that he is actually an alien.

Constantly Get the Sniffles


Now, we all get sick from time to time and catching a cold occasionally is no reason to raise any suspicion. However, if someone is sick all the time as if their body is completely foreigner to every single species of bacterium or virus that exists on earth, then surely there is a reason to feel puzzled. If you have been wondering why your boyfriend is always sick, as though he has no immunity, it could be because he’s an alien. Aliens haven’t encountered earth bacteria so they succumb to many diseases, and they’re constantly coughing, wheezing and sniffling around you.

Super Intelligence

super intelligence

Some people are just too clever for their own good. If your boyfriend is the type who can’t go out and enjoy a hamburger because he’s calculating the ost and calorie intake your boyfriend is quite likely an alien. He despises other people too, ridiculing the way they approach life, yet he battles with operating a coffee machine because he’s actually used to more advanced technology.

Pale and Insipid Looking? He Might be an Alien

no gym

You are a fitness freak and would like to see your boyfriend in the best shape too. He is so cute but you feel he needs to work on his body a little and you suggest him to join a gym. But does your boyfriend avoid every opportunity to go to the gym? Maybe he doesn’t think he needs physical strength on earth. Aliens put a lot of effort into fine motor skills and abstract thinking needed to develop interstellar travel. So this might be another warning sign that your boyfriend is an alien.

Mars and NASA Topics of Interest

You always dream of going to different places with him walking hand in hand. There are many romantic places in your mind. But, when you start planning for a getaway, you make suggestions on all the places that are in your mind and you want to visit, but he is simply not interested. When you suggest the aquarium, a day at the beach or eating out, he suggests visiting places such as museums, NASA and he wants to talk about things he’s heard about such as establishing of human settlements on Mars.

Whether aliens really do exist or not, Stephen Hawking, for what it’s worth coming from him, warns not to make contact with aliens. Many girls tend to agree though because guys visiting the planet are vague and sometimes indifferent, and you always have to wonder if they’re hiding something more sinister.