8 Ways to Save Money While Traveling with Friends


When traveling with friends you may make a resolution to save money but you don’t need to make a resolution to enjoy every moment on your travels. The world is such a beautiful place, the actual journey is a pleasurable part of a holiday rather than just an endurance test to get there.

There is so much to see and do on your travels, it becomes important to save so that a wonder-filled couple of weeks can turn into a blissful month or two. The question is, ‘how can you save money while traveling with friends without being a spoilsport? We look at several different ways –

1. Use the Free Days


Extract the best from any destination by visiting places that offer free entry and free days. It’s a simple tip but so effective. Before you set off, use your cell phone and check out websites to clear up all issues regarding free access and discounts.

2. Slow Down


Instead of exhausting yourself racing from one destination to the next like on ‘The Amazing Race’, where the idea is to arrive and depart as quickly as possible, slow down and linger longer in places that have lots to offer. Car hire, taxis, flights, bus trips can seriously eat away at your budget and exhaust you as well and that’s not what getaways are about. Stay longer in one spot that you love, spend less, and the bonus part is you’re more relaxed.

3. Cheaper Flights

If you’re booking flights, by being a little bit flexible with your dates, you can save quite a bit. Out of season and flying in the week instead of over weekends can be cheaper for sure. Bus hire too is cheaper too at certain times and dates and costs can be spread among you.

4. Be Clued Up

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to travel. Travel sites can keep you informed of super deals and discounts. Also when you sign up for newsletters you’re always aware of deals. Liking a favorite travel site on Facebook can alert you to hot deals too, and you can chop and change your plans to take advantage of discounts and offers.

5. Stock up on Treats


Everybody knows a holiday without decadent treats is pure boring. A cold-drink here, a chocolate there – cost a fortune in small towns. If you’re on a road trip, buy your own treats ahead of time. Also by snacking, you’re not so hungry so that when you reach your destination you don’t hungrily order the biggest portion of food. This can be hugely costly – you can be satisfied with smaller, less costlier portions that are filling.

6. Avoid High International Roaming Charges

When traveling, one thing you can’t leave behind or forget is your loved ones back home. You need to call them from time to time and inform them about your well-being. Now international roaming charges may end up making a big hole in your packet. But, you don’t have to pay so much. Some travel sites offer unique cell phone rental services so that you can keep in touch with those at home without high international roaming charges.

7. Avoid Visa costs

There is a very famous quote – “If traveling was free, you would never see me again”. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Not only travel costs a lot, but also the visa. If you’re looking at international travel, why not opt for exciting less-traveled destinations that don’t require a visa. When you do the research, you’ll see there’s quite a list of visa-free countries.

8. Keep an Emergency Kit


Make sure you have enough of everything so that you can avoid outrageous prices of medicines in a foreign land. By having painkillers, plasters, mosquito repellants and anti-diarrhoeals, for instance, you can treat yourself and avoid forking out a fortune on seeing a doctor.

There’s such a lot of fun to be had planning a trip with friends. We all know though, that being short of money anywhere can cause friction, even among the tightest of friends. Travel is costly. When you plan in advance, you find out that there are actually lots of little effective ways that can save you big bucks, but never for one minute, take away from the thrill of travel and a getaway with friends.