Bloody Mary – The Most Embarrassing Period and PMS Stories


Every one of us has been possessed by the PMS Monster and for many girls, it has come sneaking up on them with no warning whatsoever. If you’ve ever leaked through your skirt, or worse onto an office chair or couch, you realize that menstruation is actually a seriously unfunny topic. It’s only when you think about it much later that it can produce a chuckle. We look at some of the amusing, albeit horrific stories some girls have had to endure –

Red and White

Jenny was vacationing with friends when she had her period. Confidently putting in a tampon, she strode off into the sea. Coming out later on, she put on a pair of white denim shorts, wanting to show the guys in the group that she was every bit as sporty as them. From board surfing to volleyball, she lunged at the ball slamming it over the net and falling to the sand in her efforts. She wondered why no one cheered but just stared at her, and of course, it was because her tampon hadn’t played the game and she has blood all over her white shorts. She was mortified.

The Secret behind the Crop Top

Justine was just 19 and traveling in Egypt on a camel to see the pyramids and to spend the night in the area. Arriving at their destination, all the juggling around on the camel had brought her period on unexpectedly. She asked the girls in the group for a tampon but none had. Realizing the toilet was going to have to be behind the only bush, her panic heightened. She squatted behind the bush, ripped the bottom of her t-shirt off, rolling it into a tampon shape. By the time the camel trip had come to an end. Her t-shirt was a crop top and she was never able to explain to people in the group why her t-shirt was getting shorter with each stop.

The Mystery of New Sandals

Another girl Rachel said that whenever the PMS hit her, she always carried and used tampons but this time she decided to use a menstrual cup. The first day she used it was a particularly heavy menstrual day for her. Curious, she couldn’t wait to see how it worked, and the time came to take it out. She decided to inspect the contents of it in the public bathroom at her office, not thinking about the suction seal that the cup creates when you put it in. Trying to twist the cup out, the cup slipped out of her hands and onto the bathroom floor and all over her white sandals. On cleaning her sandals, they became a tan color, and some of her fashion-aware colleagues wanted to know why she had changed her sandals.

Some Unheard Side Effects of Yoga

Yoga Girl


One yoga instructress, Mandy said she was always accurate with the dates her PMS and period arrived, but this day is made an unexpected early appearance. She was giving a yoga class, standing in the front, right in front of the huge mirrors. She told her class to go from downward-facing dog pose into a squat pose. It was then that she saw that her period had arrived big time, and worse, because of the mirrors, everyone had seen it too.

The Strangest Q-tip Ever


Q-tips or earbuds are used to remove ear wax, so Anna says when she was a child of 8, she was visiting Disneyland with her family and had never heard of periods. Her mother had tampons in her bag for the day as she was having her period. Anna grabbed one out the bag and opened it up. She pushed the cotton part out and thinking it was a Q-tip tried to stick it in her ear and that is when her mom asked her what she was up to. She was on the floor laughing.

Well, that was embarrasing!

Having a period can be hugely stressful, especially when it just won’t behave and arrives at the most inopportune times, but hey, most women will tell you they’ve been in exactly the same situations as you.