Memorable Bachelor Contestants to Follow on Instagram

Bachelor Contestants

In all honesty, Instagram has changed the way we interact and relate to each other. Many people are participating in the online popularity contest that the social media site provides. Instagram is used for different purposes where some use it for essential communication and others for getting to the top. Joining a show like ‘The Bachelor’ is a sure way of raising your Instagram status. Former Bachelor Contestants that got the most likes on Instagram were often outspoken and are the ones that made it through to the finals. Some Bachelor Contestants were even popular on Instagram  before the show, while others became popular after the show. Take a look at some of our favorite bachelor contestants to follow on Instagram.

Becca K.

By no means has any other female surpassed this bachelorette. Becca came from a private account that solely had 450 followers to one that has over 600,000 followers (great right?)

If we were studying mathematics, that transition could be represented as 139.5% increase. The prospects are high as the numbers are set to rise. Today, the commoner turned star has followers skyrocketing. She has an Instagram handle named ‘bkoof’, but of course, you know how quick people change their handles right?


Before the show, Amber was an influencer on Instagram. When she joined the show, she got eliminated in the first week. This did not stop fans from following the Instagram influencer but instead increased the number of followers.

Amber had 35,700 followers on Instagram before joining ‘the bachelor’ TV show. After the show, the beauty gained instant followers and is now above 52,000 on the social media site. This shows how important the show is. The growth can be represented as 47%. She goes by the name ‘everyonceinastyle’ on Instagram.

Bekah M.

Another lady who is an Instagram miracle is Bekah M. She had 2,544 followers before the show, and after the appearance, she skyrocketed to 374,831. This accounted for a 14,633% increase in the number of followers.

She was eliminated in the 7th week, and we can attribute that to the show. She goes by the handle ‘whats_ur_sign’ and has continued to raise the bar in likes. Her account was private, and if still status quo remains, you’ll have to follow her first before checking the beauty’s profile.


Bibiana was eliminated on the 3rd week of the show. During the show, she was liked by many and this translated into noticeable followers on Instagram. Before the show, she had 2,268 followers, but after the show, the follower count rose up to 158,816.  This is a whopping 6,902% increase, which is commendable.

There isn’t much information about her on Instagram, but you will notice that she is the brand ambassador for a swimsuit on her bio. She goes by the name ‘bibi_julz’ on Instagram.


Another contestant in the bachelor show is Caroline. She has gained reasonable following and attention since her inception on the show. From 5,909 followers right before she joined the show to 120,825 after the show, this is progress worth noting. That is just about 1,944% rise in the number of followers.

Caroline was eliminated in the 4th week after a rigorous challenge. She goes by the name ‘carolinelunny’ on Instagram.


Chelsea is a huge fan of sunglasses, and this is seen on her Instagram account more often. She wears a lot of sunglasses that seem to belong to the same brand. Is she a brand ambassador for a sunglass brand? Well, that is a matter for another day.

The beauty had 1,611 followers before joining the bachelors show. After the show, she rose to 71,492 followers who are 4,337% increase. Her handle is ‘chelsea_roy_.’


Jacqueline Trumbull

This bachelors’ show beauty noticeably gained from the show. This is because she had only 387 followers just before she joined the show and afterward gained more followers to reach 51,992. This increase is about 13,344%.

Jacqueline was not eliminated, but she quit on the 7th week of the show. She is a boss lady, and this is well seen on her Instagram handle which goes by the name ‘trumbullina.’ However, it is a private account and you will need to get approved before you can follow her.


Jessica is not new to us since she was still popular even before the show. This does not mean that the show had no impact on her, but she maintained a gradual growth curve. Before the show, she had 13,700 followers, and after the show she reached 20,760 followers, which is 51% growth.

Jessica was eliminated on the first week, but this did not destroy her career because right now she is a TV personality and host. Stakes continue to get higher for the beauty as she is among the few ladies from the show with a verified blue check on her handle, ‘jesscarrolltv.’


Kendall gained a lot from the bachelor show. Before she joined the show, she had just about 3,111 followers on Instagram, but after the show, this number went up and reached 213,706 followers who are 6,769% growth. This shows just how much the show can raise one’s fan base.

She currently lacks any sponsorship on Instagram but is set to get one pretty soon, judging from the constant growth. On the 9th week of the show, she got eliminated. She goes by the name ‘keykendall88’ on Instagram.


This is yet another beauty who equally had a considerable number of followers on Instagram before she joined the bachelors show. Thirty-two thousand two hundred followers before meeting the screens isn’t a small number. She is among the most popular beauties on Instagram. After the show, she jumped to 118,944 followers who are a 269% increase. So you can say the show had an impact on her standing. She was eliminated on the 6th week and went by the name ‘coachkrystal_’ on Instagram.

Closing Thoughts

Wrapping up, we have seen the ten most followed Instagram beauties who featured on the bachelors show. All of them have the potential to rise more and more, and that is why you need to keep your eyes open to them.