Pregnancy Symptoms – A Rundown on What to Expect


You’re staring at that home pregnancy test kit, with a positive result staring back at you! Whether you’re overjoyed or still getting over from an initial shock, expect to feel some changes in the coming months with visible reminders that you aren’t alone as you go through your pregnancy. Here’s a brief overview of the pregnancy symptoms you can anticipate.

Most Common Pregnancy Symptoms:

Morning sickness

Oh yes, the most commonly known of all pregnancy symptoms. Bouts of nausea and vomiting are surely a cause to brace yourself! If you’re lucky, you won’t get to experience this! Not all women get to have morning sickness, some have only nausea, but others get to have it frequently throughout the day. If you’re unfortunate, well, you’ll just have to make it a point to hover near a sink everywhere you go. And stay away from triggers too, like strong scents and certain foods!

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That stinging feeling in the pit of your stomach can sure ruin your day. But you don’t have to let it get to you! You can take safe OTC meds like calcium carbonate to help you cope.

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Increased tiredness is to be expected. Dealing with hormone changes plus lugging around that heavy bump can make you feel exhausted. Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients and resting well. Checking that you get adequate vitamins and minerals will help too!

Back pain

The extra weight you’ll be carrying around (especially in the third trimester) can cause you pain in your lower back. Check out Back Pain during Pregnancy post for tips to help deal with back pain. If it gets too severe, you can take a safe analgesic to help manage the pain.

Urinary pain

Often caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI), urinary pain is a common occurrence in pregnant women. Be sure to visit your doctor for treatment. You’ll be given antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria causing the infection. You can also take an over-the-counter urinary analgesic like phenazopyridine to help relieve the pain.

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Your growing baby gets a lot of nutrients from you, and he especially needs iron to grow. If you’re often fatigued, feel sluggish, and pale, it could be a sign of anemia. Taking a good iron supplement can help.

Leg cramps

I used to wake up in the middle of the night clutching my leg with a bad cramp! Leg cramps in pregnancy are usually due to a lack of blood flow into the lower part of the body. Try not to lie on your back especially after your fifth month. Lie on your side to prevent restrictions in blood flow.

Anxiety and mood swings

Blame the hormones for that extra crankiness! Though pregnancy is a joyful time, it also causes you to feel more anxious or worried than usual. It can also make you feel irritable and weepy throughout the day (for no reason at all!). Try to relax and take deep breaths whenever you feel overwhelmed.

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One of the most ill-reputed pregnancy symptoms, having constipation is a total pain in the butt! (literally and otherwise!) Make sure you get enough fiber from fruits and veggies in your diet. For cases that are frequently difficult to manage, you can take a pregnancy-safe laxative like psyllium, docusate or calcium polycarbophil.

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Bloating and swelling

You will notice bloating and swelling usually around the ankles and in your feet. Your slowed down circulation along with the larger fluid volume ensures that baby’s blood supply is adequate. Try to avoid salty foods, and keep hydrated throughout the day!

These are just some of the pregnancy symptoms you can expect in the coming months. Don’t fret though, remember that these are just temporary and will soon pass after baby is born.

These symptoms can vary per trimester as well. You can check out my earlier posts on the first, second and third trimesters for more detailed descriptions.