Pregnancy Third Trimester Symptoms – What To Expect


You’ve finally reached the third pregnancy trimester! You may be feeling both more excited and anxious as your due date is fast approaching. After the energy boost during the second trimester, this stage may seem more challenging because of baby’s bigger size. This makes it more difficult to move about and get comfortable. In this post I’ll summarize your pregnancy third trimester symptoms.

Many of the symptoms during the second trimester can continue on during third pregnancy trimester. Aside from heartburn, swelling, cramping and frequent peeing, here are some of the most common pregnancy third trimester symptoms to expect.

Your Pregnancy Third Trimester Symptoms:

 An Achy Back and Hips

At third pregnancy trimester, your baby is getting bigger and heavier, adding weight to your pelvis. This forces your body posture to adapt, making your back ache from all that weight. Additionally, certain hormones also cause the ligaments between the bones to loosen, preparing your body for giving birth. Such changes can be tough on your back and hips, causing pain and discomfort. You can ease the pain by applying a hot pack, an ice pack, or asking your partner to do a gentle massage on the area. Also, wearing low-heeled shoes, instead of flat or high-heeled shoes, can help. Also you can use Over-The-Counter Medicines to remedy back pain relief for pregnant.

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Braxton Hicks Contractions

Pregnant women often feel these contractions as tightness in the abdomen. These are actually mild contractions that are your body’s way of gearing up for the big day. They’re perfectly normal and usually occur in the afternoon or at night, or after exercise or physical activity. They usually last for no more than a few seconds and can become more pronounced as your due date approaches. If you feel one coming on, just stop for a while, relax, and take deep calming breaths. If these contractions become painful or come in a pattern, contact your doctor immediately.

Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids

Because your blood circulation is pumped up to do more than it usually does (like supplying another human being with blood), it can cause certain changes to happen. Varicose veins, for example, usually appear on the legs because of difficulties in the blood returning back up into your heart, you can get rid of them by using specific Over-The-Counter medication which is safe for pregnant and fit your profile. It can help to elevate your feet on a couple of pillows for 10-15 minutes every night. Hemorrhoids can also form in your rectal area. These are actually varicose veins as well. Continued bouts of constipation can contribute to hemorrhoids, so be sure to up your fiber intake. There are also remedies for painful hemorrhoids, like soaking in warm water or applying witch hazel.

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 Being Unable to Sleep

Insomnia in pregnant women usually occurs in the third trimester. A lot of factors can contribute to sleeplessness. Inability to get a comfortable position, the frequent urge to pee, and breathlessness due to the uterus pressing on your lungs can make falling asleep and staying asleep a big challenge. Try to sleep on your side, and prop your back with pillows to get you comfortable.

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These are just a number of pregnancy third trimester symptoms you can expect in this period. At this point, I know you’re just too eager to get on with giving birth. Stay calm and positive, and in just a few short weeks more, you’ll get to hold that bundle of joy in your arms!

There are a lot of ways you can make yourself feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy. But if you think these symptoms are getting too uncomfortable, your doctor may be able to help.