Celebrity Rehab: 10 Surprising Celebrities Who Went to Rehab

Celeb Rehab

Do you envy or idolize celebrities and their lifestyle? But did you ever wonder what their real life is like behind the glamorous faces that we see? The hectic pace of filming, life on the brink, problems far beyond those of ordinary people, often lead celebrities to sink into drugs and alcohol. Celebrity rehab has long been a hot topic. It’s always surprising when we hear that our favorite stars have entered celebrity rehab. Here is our list of 10 stars who had to go to celebrity rehab, some more than a few times.

1. Bam Margera

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The famous former star of Jackass announced that he went to celebrity rehab for the 3rd time and posted a picture of himself on Instagram, seen along with his son. He has been also arrested for driving under influence and that ’s why he decided to join rehab. He wanted to get rid of his addiction once and for all. Although, he went for the rehab center twice before, he again gave in to the old habit.

2. Hayden Panettiere


If it is alcohol and drugs that have led to fall of some, others blame the blow after a supposedly event. Many stars have indeed admitted to succumbing to a violent baby blues, also known as postpartum depression and Hayden Panettiere is one of them. The actress worked hard for her role as Juliette Barnes on Nashville and also worked in television miniseries Heroes Reborn. After giving birth to her first baby, she went into postpartum depression and found it difficult to adjust to parenthood and had to go to celebrity rehab for treatment.

3. Ronnie Ortiz


He is a famous TV personality who became famous with the Jersey Shore reality series. In the year 2017, he was blessed with a baby girl with his girlfriend Jen Harley. In the year 2018, the couple ended their relationship but later he confirmed that people can call it on and off relation. He has spent some time at Origins center for depression and alcohol abuse problems. He got the treatment because he wanted to become a good father to his daughter. He later talked about how he felt better and healthier.

4. Ben Affleck 

Who doesn’t know Ben Affleck? He is the director and actor who has battled with alcohol addiction for years and had been to rehab center thrice, the latest being in 2018. The famous filmmaker and actor has received many awards in his career and has worked in movies like Dogma, Chasing Amy and many more. He is also co-founder of NGO and a member of political party. He was married to Jennifer Garner with whom he had three children.

5. Charlie Sheen

Carlos Irwin Estevez, famously knows as Charlie Sheen has played amazing roles in Wall Street, Platoon, Eight Men Out and Young Guns and others. He has also won numerous awards in his career. He is also known as the actor who used to earn highest among the TV stars in the year 2010 but he couldn’t prevent himself from falling into vice of drug addiction. Sheen went to a celebrity rehab center thrice in his life and hopefully is doing better now.

6. Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa has had a rowdy year. She divorced her husband, Michael Lockwood with whom she has twin 7-year-old daughters. The divorce and the accompanying stress saw her joining a rehab. She was allegedly addicted to prescription pills. It is no secret that she has wriggled with addiction problems in the past too. It seems she has since relapsed. Time for celebrity rehab again?

7. Scott Disick


Married to Kourtney Kardashian, and part of the TV reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott had a pattern of problems. When the two split, it was too traumatic for Disick to gear and he had to enter rehab multiple times, with the first public admission being in 2015 and the last known in 2017. He had taken to drinking again when he heard that his ex-wife was dating Younes Bendjima.

8. Nicole Richie


Daughter of famous pop star Lionel Richie, Nicole tried hard to make a name for herself. She first came into limelight as Paris Hilton’s partner in the reality show The Simple Life. The reality show came off as quite hilarious, but this was not the same for Nicole as she entered the rehab at the young age of 21 for the first time. It is learned that she had been experimenting with harsh substances since her teens. By the time she turned 23, she had been to rehab multiple times. Now, at the age of 30, she wants to get rid of tattoos she got done during the early 20s as she says she is not at all proud of them. A lesson to learn you young gurls!

9. Drew Barrymore

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Drew first stint in rehab was at the tender age of 14. Would you believe it? She started as a child artist at the age of 7 and started experimenting with alcohol and drugs when most of the kids are thinking about playing baseball. By the time she turned 16, Drew was cleaning toilets. Eventually, though, she made her way to abstinence and her career took-off. No in her 40s, she is a mother to two and also owns her own line of beauty products – Flower Beauty.

10. Demi Moore

She is a famous American songwriter, actress, and model and has been a great inspiration for the youngsters. In the year 2012, she separated from her husband Ashton Kutcher and due to this, she got into addiction to alcohol and also developed an eating disorder. After joining the rehab, she could kick off the addiction and started helping abused children. She also launched a foundation with her husband in the year 2009 for fighting the sexual slavery of children.

Lessons Learned from Celebrity Rehab 

Is the saying “All that glitters is not gold” – ringing in your ears after reading this article? We all have a lesson to learn here. The glamorous world that looks so enticing from outside is not always so in reality. Another lesson we learn is that drugs and alcohol are a big no-no. So, stay safe gurls and keep rocking!