The Best Animal Accounts That Instagram Has to Offer

If you actually stop to think about Instagram, you can’t help but notice that it is altogether not the most useful of apps. Most social platforms share this trait and yet we use them anyway. How else are we to keep up with the celebrities?

But, if you are looking for something unique in your feed, something wholesome, something that could maybe even teach you a thing or two then check out the Instagram pages of these adorable animals. Not only do they each have their own unique lives and backstories, but they are also just downright adorable.

Loki in real life

If you are a marvel fan then not only will you be aware of Loki, but you are also probably already following some Loki related page on Instagram already. If this is the case, then you should add this big boy to the list. He is the massive result of a mix between Arctic wolf, Husky, and Malamute. He may be a bit of this and a bit of that, but he is 100% stunning and he absolutely adores all the adventures that his owner takes him on.

A Chinchilla with a cause

It is one thing to have fame for the sake of it. It is another thing entirely if you use this fame for a good cause. Mr. Bagel over is a treat for the heart but he is using his good looks to fight the good fight against fur. He was adopted from an animal shelter by Steve Byun in San Francisco and now spends his time having his sweet life documented on Instagram. Apart from advocating against fur, his account also spreads the word that people should adopt and not shop.

The one that started it all

With all the cats and cat-related memes on the internet, don’t you wonder who was the first? Well, wonder no more because here she is. This is Nala and she is one of the very first cats who made it onto the Gram. She was rescued back in 2010 and has gone on to become one of the most followed cats on the site. With her owner, Varisiri Mathachittiphan, they are out there using their fame to educate people about the trials of animals who land up in animal shelters.

A little fox with a big cause

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Juni, Through The Looking Glass

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When you consider the day and age we are living in, an age of veganism, eco-activists, liberalism, and sustainable living. It is hard to believe that the fur industry is as massive as it is. But unfortunately, there are uncaring people in this world who would seek to wear the coats of innocent animals. Juniper over here was fated for such an end before she was rescued. She now spends her time, with the help of her owner Jessika, spreading the word about the horrors of the fur industry that breeds and domesticates foxes for their fur.

A black and white Pumpkin

How great are stories of odd animal families? Pumpkin over here has one such family. When this little girl broke her leg from falling out of a tree when she was only one month old, her prospects looked bleak. But Rosie Kemp took the Raccoon into her home. A home that now houses an eclectic family. Pumpkin has loving human parents as well as two rescue dogs. Together these three animals make up a lovely little family, who sleep together, play together and accrue followers together.

A little Guinea pig with a big name

Adopt not shop. This cannot be said enough, just ask Ludwik over here. Agata Nowacka found this naked fella in a pet store in Warsaw. A normal enough occurrence, except for the fact that Ludwik had pneumonia as well as a couple of other diseases. He must have been thoroughly uncared for in this pet store for him to have been found in such a state. Since then, however, he has gone onto bigger and better times. His family consists of one other guinea pig and two Yorkies. His favorite activity is sleeping but this has by no means hampered his Instagram modeling career.

Man’s best friend

What would we do without dogs? They love unconditionally, they don’t hold a grudge, they don’t judge, and they are there to lend a paw when we are not feeling well. Weighing in at only 3 pounds here we have delightful little Norbert. We can truthfully say that size does not matter because, despite his small size, he is able to give ample amounts of love to sick children as a therapy dog. If his soothing presence weren’t enough, he also gives the worlds most loving high-fives.

A pig after my own heart

When people get puppies, they tend to forget that these cute little buggers grow up to be rather large dogs. The owners of Ester, the pig, had a similar situation but on a much larger scale. Initially, they thought that their little bundle of joy would only grow to be 70 pounds like the micropig that they thought she was. Boy were they in for a surprise when she only stopped growing at 670 pounds. Did they love her any less? Certainly not! They kept her, loved her and gave her a life of fame on Instagram.

Slow Henry

You have dog people and then you have cat people. Somewhere in between those two, you have reptile people. These people are often greeted with odd questions. The reason for the confusion is that people cannot understand how a cold-blooded creature can be such a loving pet. To these people, we say meet Henry, the tortoise. This fella over here is 16 years old and is only just getting started. His owner Amanda Greene says that Henry is anything but cold. He is loving, he is curious, and he is just too cute.

All the dogs

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Mix, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Have you ever been curious about the lives of dogs around the continental US? If you are then you need look no further. The Dogist is not solely dedicated to one doggo but to many, all across the country. Each with their own unique lies and stories. This site tells the story of dogs that are just out there living their lives. Dogs that were rescued. Dogs that save lives and dogs that just love sleeping with their human besties. The sheer happiness that can be derived from seeing these puppers should be worth the follow alone.