The Coolest Tattoo Ideas on Instagram

Tattoos are fascinating, alright. I suppose you could say its because even for people you don’t know, the design of the tattoo gives you a clue as to the personality of the person.

If you’ve never thought of getting a tattoo, and you’ve got mixed feelings about them, you might have wondered what it is that actually motivates a person to permanently change the way their skin looks.

If you had to choose a tattoo, where on your body would you get it and what wording or image would you choose?  Let’s look at some tattoo ideas on Instagram that might appeal to you –

Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dream catcher tattoos will help you capture and remember sweet dreams and send the bad ones packing. With its origins in Native American Culture, these tattoos come in lots of patterns and colors and are decorated with images of crystals, birds, animals and arrowheads. These are considered to be filters that catch the bad dreams in their web, like a spider, and only let the good dreams pass through.

Compass Tattoos

In the era of digital navigation systems, the old good compass seems almost forgotten. However, thanks to compass tattoos, we see it becoming popular again. The compass tattoos come in different shapes and designs, among which are the star compass, the Luo Pan compass, the Viking compass and the compass rose. Many people can’t forget the adventure and romance of the high seas. Guys and girls choose them because their families are linked to maritime careers and they symbolize guidance, wanderlust and following your dreams.

Pinky Promise Tattoos

Tattoos of pinky fingers hooked together are perfect for people who you never want to forget someone special because of something they helped you through. The tattoo, more often than not, depicts two pinkies of two hands extended out and wrapping around each other. Now, we all know what that means because we’ve been making pinky promises with our friends all through our childhood. However, the meaning behind the tattoo may be slightly different for others. This tattoo may also signify an unbroken bond forever for some.


Pets are part of our family or at least animal lovers consider pets no less than a family member. No wonder why so many tattoo lovers decide to remember their pets with a beautiful commemorative tattoo. Pet lovers just can’t resist having a tattoo of a loyal, loving, devoted pet and what better way to remember your animal friend and keep their brilliant memory alive.

Red heart design

If there is one tattoo whose meaning is universal, it has to be a tattoo of a heart. The heart represents feelings of love and is something common to almost all cultures.What better way to have the love of your life’s memories permanently with you. Put small hearts on your fingers or wrists and be constantly reminded of an awesome friend and lover.

Endangered Animals

Young boys and girls of today’s age are not all into themselves. So many guys and girls are rightfully concerned about disappearing animal species because of human savagery. A tattoo of a Rhino or Elephant is a constant reminder of the wonderful animal kingdom there is but which may not be there for much longer. It acts as a reminder that something needs to be done to save these precious creatures from disappearing into oblivion.


 It is amazing how thought-provoking and powerful words can be. Sometimes all it takes is a few words to get your message across. If words don’t come easily to you, now is your time to put your unique message to the world out there. Words such as ‘Love’, ‘Finding my way Back’, ‘The World at my Feet’, ‘Angel’, ‘Music is my Medium’ are examples of how people try to express a particular message.

Symbols – a mini fruit

Fruits, for centuries, have been associated with legends and myths. In many cultures, the offering of fruits was made to gods to attract favor and prosperity. However, most of the young people don’t seek fruits tattoo for any special meaning, but only for its beauty as they look so beautiful and lively. A cute mini fruit, for instance, may also be just what you need to remind you of the important decision you made. You may have opted to chuck out your cigarettes and junk foods and start a Banting diet and better health.


Dragons symbolize strength and perhaps a fiery tongue, and many guys and girls feel that these creatures inked on your body give a message of being brave and powerful. Some are just drawn to these r mythological creatures from their childhood days and want a tattoo of these winged beasts from their tales of yesteryear.

Tribal Tattoos

As popular as ever, tribal tattoos are packed with mystery, intrigue and adventure. Historians have discovered ancient tattoos in Egypt and many other cultures. Although tribal tattoos today do not have the traditional meaning they had a few decades ago, it may be interesting that people interested in marking their skin for life with these designs know that in the past tribal tattoos served as a way of protection against evil spirits, as a ritual of spiritual initiation, a brand dedicated to members of the hierarchy of a clan and as a way to mark the passage from youth to adulthood.

Totem Animals

What animal is your Totem animal? The bear or wolf or something else. We can learn such a lot from the creatures that come into our lives. Animals have some awesome characteristics that would improve the personalities of humans if they could have characteristics like that.

Find out what your animal totem is and have it inked as a symbol of what you stand for.

When you ask people about why they decided to go under the needle, they’ve got so many reasons. Girls are sick of being called ‘little princesses’ as it represents a shallow, empty-headed girl who is totally absorbed with her appearance. Tattoos rebel against these kinds of connotations. People get tattoos because they want to make a statement about the kind of person they are.

Tattoos are also cool because they mask marks that we’re dissatisfied with. There really are so many reasons to get a cool tattoo, and these tattoo ideas will give you a hint of what’s waiting for you.