Top 5 Things to Know About Instagram Flirting

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Flirting is an age-old practice that traces back to olden times. Most people do it for fun while others to find love. Long ago, there were different means of flirting which people used to melt each other’s hearts. Some of the methods that used include writing of letters among many other practices. Today, thanks to technological advancements, flirting has become even more accessible than it was. Social media channels to be more precise, have created avenues for flirting. Instagram is one channel that has gained numerous followers and is continuing to act as a pipeline for flirting. How does Instagram flirting work anyway? Check out

1. Show interest by following an individual

Instagram is a social media space that operates through following and unfollowing each other. If you want someone to notice you quickly, the first step is following them on their handle.

A study has shown that most people view who follows them and follow back if they are interested in the person. Also, if not interested, the individual will not follow back. This means that when you get a follow back, you are already on the right track. This does not matter whether you know the person or not. After all, it’s all about making new friends.

Please note that if you request to follow an individual who has a private account and your request declined, do not follow again. That might be a red flag to show your lack of interest and persisting will not help you out.

2. Like, like, like! 

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You need to be consistent in liking his photos if you want him to notice you. But be careful not to look desperate through mass liking. You don’t want to throw shade on your credibility, sister. If you’ve crushed on someone and can’t resist showing some love on Instagram, then you can like all the photos and not just the sexy ones alone.

A good practice is liking each picture once posted and not waiting to like all of them at once. This is more mature and will portray you as a severe catch to the guy.

3. Send sensible DMs

Girl, direct messages can either build or destroy you. But tell you this, what matters isn’t when you have sent the DM but how you do it. Whether you do it the same day, you have followed the guy or later on after slight interactions, what will count isn’t the time but the content. You’re a grown lady and know what you want. This should be your driving force when writing the DM. Picture yourself reaching out to a prospective client, and you will see exactly what it means sending a sensible direct message. Maintain a friendly tone and don’t rush things. Just don’t put the cart before the horse.

4. Don’t be a pain in the ass

Guys don’t like ladies who bug them too much. Especially if the two of you have not gained closeness, it would be kind of you to maintain the conversation at a friendly tone and avoid sending too many messages.

So literally, don’t be a pain in the ass as this will potentially make you look creepy and push your target away. Remember that even flirting has its essential decency. A good example is that when you send messages and don’t get a response, don’t add more messages. Patience is a virtue that will help you in this game, and you need to grasp it girl.

5. Ask questions to trigger responses

A study has shown that question comments often get fast reactions as compared to statements. Someone will be curious to read and answer a question than a regular statement. Yes, you can try using both, but the truth of the matter is that you might end up lacking words when texting a flat statement.

For instance, you can ask a question like, I love that bag on the picture, where did you buy it? You will be surprised at how fast the conversation will grow into something you didn’t even expect.

Instagram Flirting – Try it out!

Well, ladies, it is true that being a lady isn’t easy and it takes a lot. To understand guys, we need first to understand ourselves. The tips above are all you need when flirting on Instagram. Try them out and let us know what you think!