UTI Treatment and Medication that Can Help


If you’ve experienced a urinary tract infection, chances are, you know how awful the symptoms are! The burning urinary pain, along with difficulty in peeing and frequent trips to the bathroom, can be very bothersome indeed, but don’t be too worried, there is UTI treatment that can help!

Many women get a recurrent urinary infection over the course of their lifetime (as if period pains aren’t enough to deal with!). If you’re wondering why this condition is so common in women, well, it’s all because of the female anatomy.

In us females, the urethra, or the opening to the urinary system, is located close to the anus. This makes it easily accessible for bacteria from the stool to travel to the urinary system. Just one wipe in the wrong direction can set you up for an infection! Plus, a shorter urethra can allow bacteria to easily get to the urinary bladder and multiply there!

Unhealthy practices like not getting enough water and holding your pee in for a period of time can also increase your chances for a UTI. Additionally, certain kinds of birth control, like having a diaphragm, can cause UTI. Increased sexual activity and menstrual pads and tampons left on for too long can also up your risk.

What UTI treatment can help with the pain?

Antibiotics are the main UTI treatment. After getting a urine test, your doctor will determine if you have a urinary infection. She will then prescribe some antibiotics that you have to take for a few days.

An antibiotic won’t help with the pain though. But it will kill off the bacteria that’s causing your UTI. It may take about three days to take effect. You’ll be advised, however, to finish your antibiotics even if the symptoms subside.

While waiting for your antibiotics to take effect, you’ll still have to deal with burning, painful urination. This is where an over-the-counter UTI treatment called phenazopyridine can help.

What is phenazopyridine?

Phenazopyridine is a medication that can help ease the symptoms of a UTI. It works to relieve pain especially in the urinary tract. It does this by reducing the pain associated with bladder spasms by numbing the urethra and bladder from irritation and burning caused by the infection.

This medication comes in tablet form. It’s safe for pregnant women as well! This is notable because pregnant women have an increased tendency to suffer from UTI.

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Acetaminophen is another medication you can take for urinary pain. Though it doesn’t exactly target the pain in the bladder and urethra, it may be able to reduce discomfort to some degree.