Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms: 7 Signs You May be Pregnant Before Missing Your Period


Wanting to find out if you’re pregnant or not can turn out into a very suspenseful waiting game! If you think that you’re pregnant, we all know that a missed period, followed by the obligatory home pregnancy test, is the most telltale way to confirm this. Some women, however, experience very early pregnancy symptoms even before having their period. Chances are, you may not feel any nausea yet, but watching out for these symptoms may help you confirm that a bundle of joy is on its way!

Very early pregnancy symptoms:

A somewhat higher body temperature

Being pregnant can affect a woman’s core temperature. If you’ve been feeling unusually warm the past weeks, and it’s not because of the weather, this could be one of a very early pregnancy symptoms. This high body temperature is due to an increase in blood flow and volume. This increase is directed toward the rapidly developing embryo that’s soon to be your little one.

Mild cramping and light bleeding

Spotting or bleeding that comes too early before your next period is due may be one of a very early pregnancy symptoms. Though this may seem alarming, slight bleeding is a sign that the embryo is settling into your womb. This occurrence is medically known as implantation bleeding.
The color of the blood from this process can appear as a pinkish tinge or a red-brownish hue.

It may occur around ten to fourteen days after conception, usually around week three or four. It usually lasts for one to three days. Additionally, some women can also experience cramps similar to those during menstruation.

Feeling very exhausted even if you didn’t do much

If you’re suddenly feeling tired and it’s not even lunchtime yet, it could be another sign of early pregnancy. A number of women can feel unusually tired as early as seven to ten days after conceiving. Blame this on the hormone progesterone, whose increasing levels can cause your body to suddenly start working overtime to prepare for your little one.

Additionally, an increase in blood production and a lower blood pressure can contribute to feeling exhausted. Plus, you can also start feeling short of breath with just minor physical activity. So even if you’re surely healthy and getting enough sleep, but still feel unbelievably tired, your little one could be on its way!

Increased vaginal discharge

This one’s a bit tricky, because many women actually have discharged a few weeks before their period. But if you notice that it’s milky-white and in more amounts than the usual, it could be a sign of pregnancy. This symptom is caused by the thickening of your cervix and the formation of a “mucus plug” — changes influenced by certain hormones. This extra discharge is perfectly normal, and is a sign that your body is preparing for baby’s growth inside your belly.

A faster than usual pulse or heart rate

If you observe that your pulse is going faster than usual, and if it continues for days, it may be another sign of very early pregnancy symptoms. Such a symptom is due to your heart pumping harder to supply both you and your baby with an adequate amount of blood. Take note that this is a normal occurrence, so there’s no need to worry. If you have an underlying heart condition and are concerned about your health, it may be best to talk to your doctor.

Unexplained mood swings

Ah, the moodiness that’s usually associated with periods can happen when you’re pregnant as well! If you’re feeling a roller-coaster of emotions overwhelming you, or if you feel irritable for no reason, it may yet be another sign that you’re pregnant! Thanks to the ever-increasing hormone levels, you’ll often feel annoyed, weepy, anxious or grumpy especially during the first twelve weeks. Additionally, bouts of depression and gloominess aren’t unheard of too.

Being more sensitive to smells and certain foods

Many women report some aversions to certain scents or foods, especially during the first few weeks. So if certain smells or the usual foods you eat suddenly disgust you, it may be a sign of being pregnant! Blame the heightened sense of smell for this! It’s important to steer clear from awful triggers like these, as they may bring about nausea and vomiting during the first three months.

Bear in mind that not all women experience these symptoms. You may have all of them, some of them, or not feel any difference at all. So if it’s still a bit too early, it may be best to wait until at least 5 to 6 weeks to confirm if you’re pregnant. So relax, take it easy, stay healthy and be assured that you’ll find out soon!

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