Why I Enjoy Pimple Popping More than Netflix

Pimple Popping

I don’t know about you, but I love pimple popping. Whether it’s mine am popping or somebody else’s pimple popping I am watching, I wouldn’t mind either. I know it sounds funny but if I was to choose between Netflix and pimple popping, guess what, I will still pick pimple popping. That is how much I love the practice and I know I’m not alone in this. Several other girls love this practice more than anything. Don’t get embarrassed for loving pimple popping, and we are more than a couple who love it. So, let’s show the rest why pimple popping is so much fun.

Feels good to get your skin back in shape


Pimples are sometimes irritating on top of being disgusting. I have met so many people who love weird things, but I am still to meet a person who enjoys having pimples. Moreover, as girls, we appreciate our beauty and anything that comes in between us and our beauty is officially an enemy, no compromise on that.
Pimples often come to the skin due to different conditions, but they don’t have to stay there. After all, they don’t belong to your skin, or don’t you think so? Therefore, pimple popping is the surest and fastest way to deal with the annoying visitors.

I belong to the pickers and scratchers group

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There are certain individuals, I included, who enjoy and are sensational about picking and scratching on their bodies. For instance, I love scratching myself whenever anything is irritating my skin. And other girls love that too. I also hate it when there’s any unwelcomed growth on my skin, like seriously who invited you over? Anyways, getting rid of such growths is my passion. I love seeing them leave my skin for they cause me so much pain and discomfort. Plus, there’s a chance that these pimples may affect your skin’s overall health and lead to black spots among many other complications.
I am that person who can’t stand a pimple on someone else’s skin, not to talk of mine. When I see a pimple on your skin, and you’re next to me, I almost feel like popping it for you since you forgot to do it yourself, duuuhhh. Some people walk with several pimples on their skin, and they seem not disturbed by them, like who does that seriously? But hey, no pun intended, am just advocating for pimple free skins for all my beautiful ladies. And I know that’s what you all want ultimately.

It feels good

I belong to the infamous minority that love what others see as strange behaviors. For one, I love the feeling that comes with using ear swabs. When they go in and twist inside the ear, I feel great. I enjoy every minute of it and feel like being on a journey to infinity. This feeling is similar to pimple popping for me.
This might sound strange to you, but to me, pimple popping is probably the best thing that happens to me, followed by ear swabs of course. Often friends find me weird at times, and this makes me cautious on who sees me pop my pimples. You don’t want to disgust everybody just because you love something, or do you?
As a simple practice, I observe privacy and basic human decency not to do the pimple popping in front of people, well unless the person sitting next to me is my best friend you know. But anyway it’s a free world, don’t let anybody prevent you from enjoying what you like doing.

It’s fun to watch


Research shows that human beings seem attracted to peculiar things that often hold unpleasant emotional and sometimes physical reactions. I am proud to be among the group mentioned in the research.
I practically head to YouTube every time to watch pimple popping videos. There’s something about these videos that makes them all fun and exciting. Trust me, and I even love these videos more than spending time on Netflix or the Internet.

I have a bunch of friends who enjoy the same, and we usually stick together and watch all these videos in my living room. We literally turn into couch potatoes because of these videos. Believe it or not, we do this almost every day.

Closing Thoughts
In conclusion, whether you have tried popping your pimples or not, the idea of watching someone else doing it is simply fun and exciting. But if you want to give it a try too, make sure that you do it safely and slowly without hurting yourself. This way you get to enjoy the experience and join the bandwagon of people who love pimple popping. I am a pimple popper forever, and no one can change my mind on that. Even my boyfriend gave up trying to stop me from popping pimples. Nowadays he also saves his for me to pop (ha-ha relationship goals ya’ll)